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San Antonio Village, your introduction to the Adventure Capital of Belize and the Heart of Cayo, central to numerous travelers’ destinations and home to the diversity of the jungle, Maya Mountains and the Pine Ridge Forest.  San Antonio is located in the lush "broadleaf forest" ecosystem, popularly called the jungle. Just five miles drive will take you to the entrance of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, a totally different ecosystem called “upland savannah”.

Entrance to San Antonio Village
San Antonio Village Belize

A 40 mile drive from San Antonio will take you to Caracol, the greatest excavated Mayan archaeological site in Belize, along with myriad birds, flora, fauna, ceremonial caves, waterfalls, spectacular vistas, hundreds of species of domestic and migratory birds, and two distinctly different ecosystems between the broadleaf forest of the jungle and the upland savannah within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. 

Caracol Maya Site
Caracol Belize

A review of “Area Tourist Attractions” indicates the breadth of experiences awaiting the adventure traveler and the student of Maya culture.  The Heart of Cayo is where you can explore the unspoiled jungle by day and enjoy accommodations by night, ranging from first-class luxury resorts to rustic lodges or camping. You will enjoy some of the best food in Belize.


We invite you to explore our community and culture.  Your adventure will be unique and limited only by your imagination.

Five Sisters Waterfall

Entrance to Rio Frio Cave

Entranace to Rio Frio Cave

Five Sisters Falls


Firehearth at San Antonio Village

This website was initially sponsored by the Mountain Pine Ridge Association (“MPRA”), an unincorporated association established in 2009 of hoteliers, tour operators, restaurateurs and others to work together to enhance public awareness of the area’s attractions, and to support the local villages in improving safety and environment.  While the association is no longer active, Mariposa Jungle Lodge, the first and only Luxury Lodge in San Antonio, realized the need to host and maintain this website while keeping the Association’s initial objectives and goals in mind.